1. Apply using the online application form.
  2. You will receive an interview from the Academic Dean.
  3. If you are accepted, then you will receive a letter from the Academic Dean.
  4. Once you receive this letter, you can then pay to register.
If you do not fill out the online application form correctly, then your application will be rejected.
Please do not try to pay to register as a student if you have not received a letter of acceptance from the Academic Dean. All payments to the school by people who have not first received a letter of acceptance will be treated as donations to Shiloh.


Four reasons that repeatedly occur why people cannot login to the website are:
  1. You have not been accepted as a student and so do not have a login. You can only login once you have completed the application process to become a student at Shiloh.
  2. You have entered your information incorrectly. When required to enter your username, your email, or your password, you must enter these perfectly without any mistakes.
  3. You are trying to use a different email address to the one you provided to the college at registration. You must use the email address you supplied to the college when you applied; this is the email address of record we have on file.
  4. You request the system a new password or username to be sent to you email address. The email is sent, but you do not check your email and so do not see it.
Repeated requests to IT support or the Academic Dean due to any of the above reasons will result in you being blacklisted and unable to apply for Shiloh courses in future, or dropped from your current program.

For login:
  1. To recover your username, follow these instructions.
  2. To recover your password, follow these instructions.
  3. On the front page of the website, enter your username and password to login.
If you wish to change the email address you have registered with the college, then you must pay 100ETB fee to the registrar and give the exact correct spelling of the new email address to them. The registrar will send the new email address to the Academic Dean to be changed in the system.


Shiloh administration and Faculty regularly communicate with students through your registered email address.

You are required to check your email every day.

Students who do not check their email every day may be dropped from the program. This is especially the case if students do not check their email and subsequently complain that they "have not been given information."

Further help is provided through Telegram:
  • There is a PostGraduate Telegram Channel with news, announcements and instructions:
  • There is an IT Support Telegram Group where you can ask questions:
  • A Telegram Group is provided for each individual course. Links to join the Telegram Group are available at the top of each course page.


Every student has full access to their personal student record online after they login to the website. This record includes:
  1. Your current program.
  2. Your required courses.
  3. How many credits you must take as electives.
  4. What electives you have chosen.
  5. Courses you have paid credits for and been enrolled on.
  6. Grades you have received for completed courses.
  7. Your current estimated GPA.
To access these records, login to the SITS website and go to the menu item My SITS—>Academic Record

The menu item looks like this at the top of the page:

The menu item looks like this on the menu on the side of the page:


Studying at Shiloh involves three things:
  1. Every day you must login to the website and use the videos and quizzes on the on elearning platform for the classes you are enrolled in:
  2. Every week you will have an online class with a professor.
  3. Every month there will be in-person classes at the Ethiopian campuses.
Students who do not engage with the course and fail to attend class will be dropped from the program.

Course Enrolment

In order to attend a course, you must first enrol on it.

To enrol on a course, you must first be a student of Shiloh.

Once you are a student, you can pay for credits to be enrolled on courses. Please check your academic record to find out which courses you may and may not enrol on.

Credits in Advanced Standing

All applicants to the Post Graduate programs at SITS have their academic transcript fully reviewed. We have two educational pathways, an academic pathway (PGD—>MA—>MTh—>PhD) and a professional pathway (MDIV—>DMin).

Every student we accept is given an individualised program that is most suitable for them, depending on the pathway they choose and their previous academic performance.

For most students, this means they are accepted onto a relevant program. For example, a student with no academic theological background wishing to study in the academic pathway may be accepted onto the PGD in Biblical Studies (36 credits), whereas a student with a good GPA in a previous theological degree may be accepted onto the BrCert in Biblical Languages (9 credits) as the only requirement prior to the MA in Biblical Studies (72 credits). Full information about our programs and their requirements is available on this page:

If and once accepted, all students have full access to your personal academic record and requirements by logging into the website, and going to "My SITS"—>"Academic Record".

The criteria for what can and cannot be accepted as credits in advanced standing is set by our accreditor ACTEA, and everything we do at Shiloh is a working out of their policies. For credits to be accepted in Advanced Standing:

  1. You must have a relevant qualification in Theology or Biblical Studies at least at the 4th year level of Bachelors or above.
  2. If your previous degree was a Bachelors degree, it must have been a 4 year degree. Outside of Ethiopia these are normally called "Honours" degrees. Since this title is not awarded in Ethiopia, the fourth year of a Bachelors is accepted as equivalent to an honours degree.
  3. Your degree, or equivalent qualification, must be awarded by an accredited school from an accreditation body that is recognised by ACTEA. An example of the sort of accreditation body that we cannot accept is an accreditation body owned or operated by a church in the USA.
  4. We are unable to transfer credits from a 3 year degree to the Post Graduate programs.
  5. You must have covered topics in your previous degree that overlap with content from the Post Graduate programs.
  6. You must have received sufficiently high grades in the GPA of your previous degree, and in the individual courses that will be taken in advanced standing.

The Post Graduate Academic Dean travels to all campuses once a month. If you need your academic record explained to you, please book an appointment with him next time he is travelling.

If you are a current student and wish to have your academic record re-reviewed:

  1. Please submit an application on the website to apply for the program you are currently studying on. (Please do not be careless! For example, if you are on the MDiv, and apply for the MA, then this will be understood as a request to switch to the academic pathway.)
  2. Attach all your certificates and transcript documents you wish to be taken into account in the re-review.