Congratulations on your decision to apply to Shiloh International Theological Seminary.

For our undergraduate programs, all applications are made physically. Please go into your local SITS campus for relevant application forms.

For our postgraduate programs, all applications are made on line. This page will describe the steps you need to take to prepare your application, and how to submit it.

Preparing your application

  1. Understand what programs you are eligible for. Our list of programs and application requirements are available on this page. (Please note: we are unable to recognise degrees that are unaccredited, or that have accreditation from a non-international and non-governmental organisation. For further information, please consult the accreditation standards described by our accredited body ACTEA.)
  2. Please gather the following files, which you will need to upload as part of your application (please provide full colour scans or clear photos of any documents):
  3. Please ask 3 individuals to be prepared to give a reference for you. Please have their name and a contact method ready (either email or phone). The referees should be ready to be contacted by a member of staff at SITS when processing your application.
  4. Please ensure you have your email address ready (all post graduate students are required to have a working email address that they check daily.)

Applying to SITS

Once you have prepared your application, please use the following application form to register your application with the SITS online registration system: